Troop 436

Hollister, CA.

Welcome to Troop 436

Scoutmasters Message

We are very excited that you and your Scout has decided to become part of Troop 436. We Take great pride in the Scouts and very eager to see them grow both as a Scout and as a member of our community.

The Aims of Scouting are to reinforce character development, promote the development of citizenship and to build mental and physical fitness.  Along the way, your scout will also find friendship, fellowship and a lifetime of memories.  It will also be fun, both for him and for you.

Boy Scouting is fundamentally different than Cub Scouting in that the program is driven by the boys themselves.  They are guided in setting the program, planning the outings and reaching their goals.  That said, there is a certain amount of background adult involvement that is necessary to keep both the troop and the individual boy going.

It is important that parents become involved in the troop by attending parent meetings, keeping up to date on communications and encouraging their boys.  There are also many ways to support the troop from driving to outings and teaching a merit badge course to being a committee member or a trained leader (if you are fully trained,  you too can go on the fun overnight trips!)  All parents are requested to help in any way they can.   Many hands make light work .

This Binder will guide you through the methods of scouting and how the troop works.  Please take the time to read it carefully.  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have

I am Sure you will have lots of questions on how to get started in Scouting. We are here to help. The Troop has in place key leaders to help you get started.
I'm the Scoutmaster for the Troop. My responsibility is to work with the Scouts and the Senior Patrol.

The Committee Chair Position is in charge of all that wonderful paperwork in Scouting. This position is held by Mr. Pearson.  If you have questions or need help on your Scouts paperwork he is more than willing to help.

Your Scout will be earning ranks as he progresses in Scouts. The Trail to First Class Adviser will help you. Any questions should be addressed to Mr. Pearson or Mr. or Mrs. Wittry.

If you have any financial questions for your Scout please see Mrs. Carreiro, she is our Troop Treasurer.

Mrs. Row is in charge of recording and organizing Rank Advancement for the Scouts.
Mr. Albright is in charge of keeping training records for the Adult leaders.

Interested in becoming an Adult leader. Great! Talk to Mr. Row and he will lead you in the right direction.

William Row
Scoutmaster 436


The White Binder

Boy Scout Troop 436

Sponsored by The Hollister Exchange Club

General information

Scout White Binder - Each scout is given his own Scout binder.  Parents, please look through your scout’s binder with him.  You should find it helpful and informational.  Check this binder after each troop meeting for important newsletters, notes, schedules,  etc.  The binder is an attempt to help the scouts get organized and is to be brought to every troop meeting.  A $6.00 fee to help cover costs will be charged for the binder.

Troop Meetings - 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Bertha Briggs Building near Vet's Park. The scout Class A uniform must be worn and each scout must bring his white binder, Scout handbook and pen or pencil.

Troop Committee - This is a group of parents in the troop, which meet the 1st  Wednesday of every  month at 7:00 p.M. at the Bertha Briggs Building.  Parents are encouraged to be on the committee.  It helps plan and support the troop activities and fundraisers and is in close cooperation with the scoutmaster and his assistants to plan and implement a well-rounded scouting program for our sons.

Committee Meetings - 1st Wednesday of the month 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Bertha Briggs Building any can attend.

Senior Patrol Meetings - 3rd Wednesday of the month 7:00 to 8:30 PM at the Bertha Briggs Building any can attend.

Troop 436 uniforms - The required uniform parts are the official boy scout shirt, class A shirt, with all the appropriate patches and the black with red embroidery scout neckerchief with a tie slide. This should be worn at all troop meetings. The only cap that is to be worn with the scout uniform is the black troop scout cap.  There is a troop t-shirt, a class B shirt, that can be worn to scout functions only when the scoutmaster specifically says so.  These shirts are good for campouts, summer camp, and some fundraisers.  

Scout Handbook - This is the official Scout handbook given to each scout when he joins the Troop.  Be sure the scout's name is written in the book.  To protect the book, some put a cloth cover on the book.  Parents read through your scouts handbook.  This will educate you in scouting so you may be of assistance to your son in the scouting program.  As a parent you can NOT sign off any completed items in your sons book.  It should be brought to all meeting and most outings.

Troop Calendar - On Web site under the "Calendar/Group" tab.

Troop Dues - Dues will be collected yearly in the month of December or January this is when the troop goes through the recharter process,  the cost is $20.00.

Mandatory parent meetings -  These meetings will be held on the same day, time and place as the first troop meeting of each month (2nd Wednesday).  The meetings will be short – hopefully just 20-30 minutes if we can start on time---so don’t be late.  This will be a time to update parents on troop happenings, answer questions, and to enlist parents help if needed.

Board of Review - In order to advance in rank in the scouting program, a scout must appear before a troop board of review in uniform.  The board is a group of adult leaders and in some cases high ranking scouts.  The board of review is held three or four times a year.  The board questions each scout individually on the requirements to qualify him for advancement.  The subjects covered and a list of possible questions is available for study and preparation.  Check your son’s binder under the  “board of review” heading.  Parents, please stress to your scout the importance of studying for the board of review.  Scouts who are not able to answer the questions adequately will not pass the review and therefore will not advance in rank and will have to be scheduled to go before the next board of review.

Court of Honor - This is a special event held only three or four times a year.  A parent must accompany scouts.  This event is always planned as a family event and it is for all family members.  It may be a pizza party or other type of family party.  The court of honor is an important scout function.  Awards earned will be given only at the court of honor.  Even if a scout is not receiving an award, he and his family are still expected to attend.  Scouts must wear their class A uniform with sash.

Service Projects - To advance in rank, scouts must take part in community service projects.  The troop plans several a year, and all scouts should take part.  Service to the community is an important part of scouting and is something all scouts should do even if they do not need the hours to advance.

Fundraisers - Several fundraisers must be held throughout the year in order to be a functioning troop.  Our largest fundraiser is the Christmas tree pickup.  This takes place the two weekends following Christmas.  It takes all scouts and parents to run this event.  Please plan on this and put it on your family calendar.  The scouts also help at the Exchange Club crab feed.

Merit Badges - Without counselors, our scouts can not earn merit badges.  Please check the list of merit badges in your scout’s binder under the merit badge goals section.  Go over the list and pick out at least one badge that you will be a counselor for or that you will find a counselor for.  If you need more details about the badges, you may purchase or borrow a book titled  “Boy Scout requirements.”  it lists all requirements for all badges.  Merit badges are not needed to advance in rank until the star rank.

Troop Outings - The troop plans an outing a month.  Most of these are camping trips.  Each outing will cost $20.00 unless otherwise stated.  This pays for food and campsite fees.  This fee must be paid no later than the troop meeting before this outing.  Outings are a very important part of the scouting program and each scout should plan to attend.  If you sign up and do not attend or let the scoutmaster know after funds have been sent for the outing, the troop may end up losing money and you may have to pay as if you attended.  The scout will be required to wear their class “A” uniform when traveling to and from outings.  This is for insurance and I.D. Purposes.

Exchange Club - The Hollister Exchange club is the troop 436 sponsor.  We as a troop help out at their annual crab feed by setting up, serving, and cleaning up the following day.  All scouts should plan on helping in some manner.  We also take part in the Exchange Club fireworks booth, Parents only.  All parents are encouraged to support the exchange club by helping staff their fundraisers when needed.